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Case Study Prompt

Your client, Let’s Go!, is a publisher of travel-related books.

  • Books cover a wide range of countries. Books are generally about how to travel on the cheap.
  • Written by the Let’s Go! staff – primarily students (all from the same school) whose travel expenses are reimbursed.
  • Target segment is low-cost travelers.

Recently, the profitability of the firm has been declining. They have hired you to investigate.

What factors would you look at? What recommendation can you provide?

EY Case Study Overview

Read the prompt in this EY case study carefully to make sure you understand the problem being presented to you. The client in the case is a book publisher that has experienced a recent decline in profitability. You’ve been brought in to dig in to the root causes of the decline and provide a recommendation on how to reverse it.

The Profitability Framework is a great starting place when building your structure for the case, but allow yourself to go beyond the basic framework. Create the structure that will be most effective in solving the problem at hand.

This is a beginner-level case that you would find in a first round at EY. There are no math exhibits in the case.

EY Interview Tips

What does Ernst & Young look for in its future consultants? Flexibility.

The firm is looking for candidates that are able to adjust on the fly to changing circumstances and adapt to real-world business situations.

To get the most out of the EY case study, make it a point to identify one area of growth.

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