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Case Study Prompt

A client owns a large bank with many branches and wants to get out of the banking business.

With $100M in losses, he hopes to find a new business to acquire, against which he can offset the losses (losses carry forward).

Recommend how you will help him identify an acquisition candidate.

KPMG Case Study Overview

This KPMG case study involves a bank that is looking to acquire a new business in hopes of offsetting heavy losses. Your job is to help the client identify a target for acquisition that satisfies the bank’s goals.

In M&A type case studies, keep in mind that there are 2 types of buyers – corporate or financial – and each have different goals for the acquisition.

Use the M&A framework to help build your structure for the case, but don’t rely too heavily on any 1 framework. The best case interview candidates blend frameworks and their own business acuity to create the most effective structure for the problem at hand.

There are no math diagrams in this the case interview. If you are preparing for a first round KPMG interview, this KPMG case study is a great case to practice with.

KPMG Interview Tips

KPMG puts a high value on compatibility as well as technical know-how in their candidates. The interview process focuses on personality/cultural fit just as much as technical knowledge.

As you prepare, remember to stay engaged – don’t become a robot!

Squeeze as much as you out of this KPMG case study by identifying 1-2 areas of growth for yourself.

For out-loud case study practice, book time with an expert interview coach today.

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