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Accenture Case Study Prompt

A hospital is your client. The hospital has the following testing information:

There are two types of testing:

  • Specificity
    • Have false negatives and few false positives
  • Sensitivity
    • Have some false positives but never a false negative

What should the client do to determine which type of test to use?

Case Study Overview

In this Accenture case study, your client is a hospital that is deciding between two types of testing. Your job is to assist in the decision with a strong recommendation on which test to choose.

You can use the Profitability Framework to help you solve the business problem in this case. However, don’t get stuck using the basic frameworks. Build a custom structure that will help you find the most effective solution.

If you are preparing for a second round Accenture case interview, this case is a great case to practice with. There are no math diagrams in the case study.

Accenture Interview Tips

Accenture is looking for candidates that are structured in their approaches to business problems, but aren’t afraid to use creativity to get to the bottom of cases.

The firm wants to see if you are structured in your approach to problems, so don’t worry as much about your actual answer, as your process in getting to the answer.

To get the most out of this Accenture case study, time yourself as you go through the case: 2min to build a structure, 2min to present it, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for recommendation.

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