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Case Study Prompt

You’ve been hired by the Kraft Desserts Division Manager to help solve a problem with Cool Whip (the non-dairy dessert topping). Cool Whip has been a complete cash cow for Kraft. It has an 80% share of market, low production costs and extremely high margins.

Cool Whip is 90% air, 10% water and chemicals. The manufacturing facility is only running at 70% capacity. Cool Whip own a proprietary technology that allows the product “carry” a very high percentage of air.

Sales of Cool Whip have been flat for the past three years despite aggressive sales efforts. The divisional manager believes sales have peaked (80% share) and is ready to sit back and milk the profits.

Before presenting his recommendation to the company president the divisional manager hired you to determine if there are:

  1. Opportunities to increase revenues in the U.S.
  2. Opportunities to enter a foreign market

What would be your approach?

Case Overview

In this case study, you’ve been approached by the client to help increase revenues for the company’s cash cow. Make sure to read the case prompt carefully so you understand the problem you are being tasked to solve.

You can use the Market Study Framework to solve this case and other types of case study like it, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks! Create a custom structure that will help you solve the problem presented to you in the case study.

Prepping for a first round BCG case interview? This case is good practice for that. The case contains no math diagrams.

Interview Tips: BCG 

BCG is looking for candidates that are extremely structured and have excellent communication abilities.

As you practice this case and other types of case study, emphasize your structuring and out-loud communication of your process. Clear communication becomes even more critical in virtual case interviews.

Get the most out of your practice by identifying 1 area of growth that you can focus on in your case prep.

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