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Case Preview

This is an Accenture sample case interview (Market Sizing).

Case Prompt

What factors might impact the world demand for knitting machines?

Case Overview

Read the prompt in this Market Sizing question/Brainteaser carefully. Your job is to consider the worldwide demand for knitting machines and what factors may impact the demand. How would you evaluate this question? Put your creative thinking hat on for this one!

To solve Market Sizing questions, there are two angles you can take: a top-down or bottom-up approach. You must determine which approach will help you best solve the case problem.

Follow these 4 steps for this case:

  1. Structure your approach
  2. Make assumptions
  3. Run the calculations
  4. Generate an insight

Accenture Interview Tips

What does Accenture look for in its case interview candidates? Structured approaches that incorporate a splash of creativity.

The firm is less concerned with the answer than your process in getting to an answer. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box to solve the cases!

In this sample case interview, focus on coming away with 1 key takeaway or area of improvement.

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