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Your client is faced with dramatic changes in the industry. As your client adjusts their strategy and reacts to changes while anticipating future changes, they are concerned about their ability to keep their employees prepared for the challenges they will face. The client is also concerned about their traditional approach to learning and development and has questions about the return on investment of their current programs.

Your team was retained to help assess the effectiveness of the organizations learning center, develop a go forward learning strategy, and to implement an “appropriate” enterprise learning management system (LMS) solution.

What structure would you utilize to solve this case?

Deloitte Human Capital Case Study Overview

In this human capital case study (Deloitte), make sure to read the prompt carefully so you understand the problem you are being asked to solve.

Due to the nature of human capital cases, you will have to get creative with your structure. Pick and choose from the basic frameworks in order to create a custom structure to solve the business problem in the case.

This Deloitte human capital case study has no math diagrams. This is a case you could expect to see in a Deloitte HC first round interview.

Deloitte HC Interview Tips

What does Deloitte Human Capital value in its future consultants? The ability to combine both business strategy and HR skills.

In this case, make sure your structure follows a logical problem-solving process, and that you convey a high level of comfort with the human relations aspect of the case.

In this Deloitte human capital case study, focus on identifying 1 area of growth that you can work on going forward.

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