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Case Study Prompt

An insurance company pays its salespeople a base salary of monthly wages and commission of 25% of new policy sales (2% of renewal). 

Is the best way to compensate their sales people?

Case Study Overview

In this Deloitte Human Capital style case, your client is an insurance company that is looking into their compensation package for their sales people and have come to you for advice. It’s your job to dig into profitability, get to know the client and their operations and make a solid recommendation for compensation.

Are you preparing for a first round interview at Deloitte Human Capital? We recommend using the Profitability Framework to solve this case study, but don’t stop there. Allow yourself to come up with a structure that blends your business experience with the framework so you have a solution unique to this case.

This case has no math diagrams. The qualitative difficulty is 1 out of 4 and is a good example of case interview cases you could expect to see this case in a Deloitte first round interview.

Deloitte Interview Pointers

What does Deloitte Human Capital look for in its case interview candidates? Deloitte looks for competency in both hard and soft skills in the world of Human Resources. Focus on demonstrating what you know about that industry in a practical way.

To get the most out of this case, try to find one area to improve for next time.

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