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KPMG Case Study Prompt

Hughes Aircraft is planning to spend $1 billion to launch a 250-channel TV satellite.

To access the satellite, a homeowner would purchase a small receiver that is placed near a window. The receiver costs $700 but Hughes is considering leasing options. The satellite will be launched in 2-3 years.

Your client, a large cable TV company, is wondering if this action is a serious threat to their business.

How would you go about analyzing this situation and providing your client with an answer?

Case Overview

In this KPMG case study, the client is a cable TV company. The company is worried about a competitive threat to the business. Your job in the case is to diagnose the situation and the give the client a recommendation on how to respond to the potential threat.

Apply the Market Study Framework to help solve for the problem in the case, but don’t stop there. Use your knowledge of the basic frameworks and business smarts to create a custom framework tailored to the case.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this KPMG case study is most similar to a case you could expect in a first round at KPMG. The case doesn’t have any charts or graphs needing to be analyzed.

KPMG Interview Tips

KPMG places a high value on compatibility and technical knowledge in their candidates. The interview process is as much about cultural fit as it is an opportunity your business acumen.

Don’t become a robot presenting information as you walk through the case – stay engaged.

Make the most of this KPMG case study by identifying 1 area of weakness that you can work on going forward.

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