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Case Study Prompt

Your client, Restoration Co., is a fire and water remediation company that specializes in extensive cleanup in the aftermath of fires and floods.

They are currently hired by insurance companies on behalf of those affected by these disasters.

While this existing business is quite profitable, they are looking to expand into the residential cleaning market (typical household cleaning, such as vacuuming, dusting, etc.).

  • The client is only looking at the US right now (all of it)
  • US residential cleaning market is growing steadily with inflation.
  • Their main goal is to enter the market profitably.

Should the company enter this market?

Case Overview

The client in this business case interview is a disaster cleanup company looking at entering a new segment of the market. Your job is to gather data in order to give the client an informed recommendation on the new market entry.

The Market Study Framework is a solid place to start when building the structure for the business case interview, but don’t stop there. Use your knowledge of the basic frameworks and your business experience/know-how to build a custom framework for the case.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this is an entry-level case study you would most likely see in a first round interview at BCG. The case has no exhibits.

BCG Interview Tips

BCG is looking for candidates that are structure and communication geniuses.

BCG isn’t focused on you getting to the “correct” answer, but on how you got to the answer. Prioritize building a solid structure in this case.

Get the most out of this business case interview by identifying 1 area of weakness that you can work on going forward.

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