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You are a new consultant and your managing partner has just given you the following task: The CEO of a hospital is concerned about:

  1. declining profits
  2. falling revenues, and
  3. rising costs at her hospital.

The partner of your firm wants YOU to prepare the proposal that will convince the hospital to retain your firm’s consulting services. Your managing partner is the resident expert on healthcare issues, and you have ten minutes to query him for information before he departs to London for another client engagement.

How would you structure this problem and what questions you would ask of him?

Roland Berger Case Study Overview

In this Roland Berger case study, the client is a hospital that is losing revenue and facing rising costs. The managing partner of the consulting firm you work for has tasked you with drawing up a proposal to convince the hospital to retain the firm’s consulting services. What kind of questions would you ask the partner, and how would you structure your approach to the problem?

Use the Profitability Framework to create your structure to solve the case, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks. The best candidates blend frameworks and their own business acumen to create a custom framework.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 3/4, this advanced-level Roland Berger case study is a case you could expect to be given in a final round at RB. There is 1 math diagram for you to interpret.

Interview Tips: Roland Berger

Roland Berger looks for candidates with an ability to think critically on their feet. In addition, the firm is more focused on technical knowledge and details than pure strategy.

In this Roland Berger case study, convey that you are confident (and competent) in working with the technical details of the case.

To make the most of your case practice, focus on these 2 things:

  1. Time yourself as you walk through the case
  2. Focus on your communication and polish as you walk through the case

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