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Case Study Prompt

Our client sells software that runs on hospital operating systems across the nation. The software is used for administrative tasks, such as back-office operations and clinical record-keeping.

The company used to be a market leader, but its share has steadily been declining. Specifically, sales have dropped.

Our client has engaged our consulting firm to find out why sales have dropped and to provide recommendations that will address this issue.

Find out why sales have been declining.

Case Study Overview

In this business case interview, the client is a software company that has seen market share decreasing steadily. Your job is to dig into the numbers, ask the right questions, and analyze the data in order to provide the client with a firm recommendation on how to reverse the market share decline.

We recommend using the Market Study Framework to build a structure to solve the problem in the case, but don’t stop there. The most impressive case interview candidates blend frameworks and their own business acuity to create a custom framework.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this business case interview will set you up for success in a ClearView first round interview. The case doesn’t have any math diagrams for you to analyze.

Interview Tips: ClearView

What does ClearView look for in its candidates? Creative problem solving.

Use the framework in the case as an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

To make the most of your prep in this business case interview, focus on these 2 things:

  1. Find 1 or 2 opportunities for growth
  2. Time yourself as you walk through the case

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