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PwC Case Interview Prompt

Bill Clinton has just hired you as the director of the National Institute of Health and has appointed you to fill the position.

While in his office, you discover that heart disease is a major portion of public health care expenditures. He’d like to investigating reducing these costs.

How would you structure this problem?

Case Study Overview

In this creative PwC case interview, your job is to find out how to lower costs in your new role in health care.

The Profitability Framework is a good place to start when creating your structure for the case, but don’t stop there. The best (and most impressive) frameworks are those that are custom-tailored to the specific problem in the case study.

The PwC case interview contains no math exhibits. This is an entry-level case that will set you up for success in a PwC first round interview.

PwC Interview Pointers

What is PwC looking for? Candidates that showcase flexibility and strong problem-solving skills.

To get the most out of your PwC case interview practice, seek out 1 or 2 areas of improvement (weaknesses).

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