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Your client is GumCo. They have 25% margins and have traditionally focused on gum and mints.

A new CEO has just been appointed and he has promised the GumCo shareholders that he would double revenues, while maintaining margins, over the next four years.

Their current revenue is $2.7B. The CEO comes to you for help.

How would you help them double their revenues?

Bain Case Study Overview

The client in this Bain case study has hired you to consult the company on doubling revenues over the next 4 years. Your job is to dig into the revenue to determine a growth strategy for the company.

The Market Study Framework is a good place to start when creating a structure for the case, but don’t restrict yourself to the basic frameworks. Build a custom framework tailored to the specifics of the case study.

There are several math diagrams in the Bain case study needing to be interpreted. This is an advanced-level case study that you would likely see in a Bain final round.

Interview Tips: Bain

Bain wants to be able to see how you would react to and navigate complex business problems in real life.

In this Bain case study, don’t get so focused on solving the case that you lose sight of the bigger picture and real-world implications.

In addition, focus on these 2 things in the case:

  1. Time yourself throughout the case (2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min for a brainstorming question; 2min for final recommendation)
  2. Concentrate on your communication and polish as you run through the case

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