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Accenture Case Study Prompt

GLAXO Wellcome and Smith-Kline Beecham are two leading pharmaceutical companies. They have announced a merger.

They have different product lines and don’t directly compete in any major markets.

Your firm has been hired to assist the companies with the merger and to mitigate any potential issues.

Why would these two firms merge and what issues might arise?

Case Overview

In this Accenture case study, you have been tasked to assist a merger between 2 pharma companies and mitigate potential issues. Your job is to gather the data, analyze it, ask the right questions, and ultimately, give the merger the green light or a no-go. In an M&A case like this, pay attention to the type of buyer you’re serving – corporate or financial. They have different goals.

We recommend that you use the M&A Framework to solve this case study, but keep in mind that the most effective structures consist of a blend of different frameworks that combine to create a custom structure that is 100% tailored to the case.

The case contains no math exhibits for you to interpret. With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this case is one that you will most likely see in an Accenture first round.

Accenture Case Study Tips

Accenture looks for candidates that display logic and structure, with a splash of creativity.

Make sure your ideas are structured and follow a logical pattern of thought, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box to solve the problems presented to you in case interviews.

Bonus tip: time yourself as you go through the Accenture case study. Push yourself to hit the recommended time spent on each section (2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for creative brainstorming, 2min for final recommendation).

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