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Bain Case Study Prompt

How many gallons of unleaded gasoline do automobiles consume each year in the United States?

Market Sizing Case Overview

You have been asked to size the market for gallons of unleaded gas in the US on an annualized basis.

There are 2 ways to solve Market Sizing cases, with either a top-down or bottom-up approach. Your job is to determine which approach to use.

Follow these 4 steps for solving this Bain case study:

  1. Structure your approach
  2. Make assumptions
  3. Do the calculations
  4. Get to an insight

Interview Tips: Bain

Bain is looking for practicality in its case interview candidates.

In this Bain case study, keep the real-world application in mind when going through the case.

One tip to help set you up for success: after each case, try to find 1 area of growth to work on.

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