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Start your case study practice now with this Booz Allen Hamilton case study.

Case Intro

You have been approached by the COO of a $2B Midwest Industrial Company who makes fertilizers, pesticides etc. for lawn and garden.

They have recently acquired a $100M retail chain selling patio furniture, garden tools, clothing, décor, ornaments etc. The retail chain has both retail stores and direct order business. The retail chain’s products have a gross margin of 50%, but the chain is still losing money.

The COO would like you to assess and diagnose the retail chain lack of profitability.

How would you structure your approach?

Case Overview

In this Booz Allen Hamilton case study, the client has recently acquired a retail chain. The chain is losing money. You’ve been hired to help the company understand the retail chain’s lack of profitability.

Use the Profitability Framework to help you solve the problem in the case. However, we recommend that you create a custom framework by integrating your knowledge of the basic frameworks and your own business acumen.

Prepping for a first round case interview? You would most likely find this beginner-level case in a Booz Allen Hamilton first round.

Interview Tips: Booz Allen Hamilton

What does BAH look for in its future consultants? Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.

Focus on clear communication throughout the case, and especially during your final presentation/recommendation.

For the best case study practice: after each case, try to find 1 weakness or area of growth.

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