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This case interview is one of many McKinsey cases from the MC McKinsey case library.

Case Prompt

Your client is an agricultural products manufacturer.

They invented a product called “Green Nutrient”, which helps farmers by making their fertilizer more effective. They’re able to manufacture the product themselves and will soon begin selling their product. They’ve asked you to develop a pricing strategy for them.

What framework would you use to resolve this case?

Case Overview

In this McKinsey case library case, the client is a manufacturer of agricultural products. The company has recently developed a new product and are wanting to push it to market quickly. You’ve been hired to develop a pricing strategy for the product.

The Market Study Framework is a good place to start when developing a structure for the case, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks. Use your creativity and structuring experience to create a custom framework.

No math exhibits exist in the case. Prepping for a first round interview? This beginner-level case will help set you up for success in a McKinsey first round.

Interview Tips: McKinsey

McKinsey values candidates that are structured. In the case, focus on maintaining structure (i.e. organization) the entire way through the case – structure in your analysis, in your notes, in your framework, in your communication, in your math, etc.

One other thing to focus on in the case is to find 1 key takeaway or area of improvement.

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