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Our client is a manufacturer of equipment for eye surgery. The company produces machines that measure deficiency in eyes and lasers for post-operational procedures and adjustments. They don’t make the lasers or devices used for Lasik – rather, complementary products for this procedure.

The global market for these devices is growing but at a declining rate. As a result, the client wants to get into a higher growth industry, so they are looking at acquiring a company that makes interocular devices. These devices are used instead of Lasik but with similar effectiveness, and they are used for two major categories of patients:

  1. Patients with cataracts
  2. Patients with near or far sightedness

Should your client acquire the company? What factors would you look at?

Case Overview

In this case from the BCG case library, the client is considering acquiring a company to expand its product line into an industry with a high growth rate. Your job is to research the market, and come back to the client with a firm yes/no recommendation on the acquisition.

If you are prepping for a second round BCG interview, use the Market Study Framework to help you create a structure to solve the case. However, keep in mind that cases are not meant to be forced into a particular framework. Pick and choose from the basic frameworks in order to create a custom structure most appropriate for the business situation in the case.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 3/4, this is a case study similar to what you could expect from a BCG second round. There are no math diagrams in the case.

Interview Tips: BCG

What does BCG value in its case interview candidates and future consultants? Structure bosses and excellent communicators.

In this specific case, focus on a couple of things:

  • Creating a MECE structure
  • Over-communicating your structure when presenting it (this is critical in a virtual interview environment)

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