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Case Preview

Looking for some tough case interview math practice? This Bain profitability case will do that for you!

Case Prompt

One of our private equity clients recently acquired a leading European seafood restaurant chain. The chain owns and operations 700 restaurants across Europe.

Same store sales (SSS) declined last year. The private equity parent has aggressive expectations for improved business performance.

How can the client improve SSS?

Case Overview

Get some quality case interview math practice with this Bain case study. Your job in the case is to advise the client on how to improve sales of the company’s’ restaurants in Europe.

We recommend that you use the Profitability Framework to solve the case. If you want to take it a step further to impress the interviewer, use your knowledge of the basic frameworks and your own business acumen to create a custom framework for the case.

This case has some advanced level math, and also has several math exhibits to interpret. The case will set you up for a final round interview at Bain.

Bain Case Interview Tips

Bain is looking for candidates that exhibit practicality in their workflows.

Make sure the framework you create consists of work-streams that you, as a Bain Manager, would be comfortable assigning out to your team of analysts.

In this case, focus on a couple of things:

  1. Time yourself throughout the case
  2. Focus on your communication and polish as you walk through the case – think “final round polish”

If you need out-loud practice for your Bain interview, book an hour with one of our ex-MBB case coaches now. Head back to the Case Library for more case interview math practice.

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