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Case Preview

Case Study Prompt

De Beers, one of the leading diamond exploration companies in the world, is thinking about entering the retail business.  

They’ve hired you to tell them if this is a good idea or not. How would you structure your thoughts?

Case Study Overview

Your client in this sample case interview is one of the largest diamond companies in the world and they are exploring the option of entering the retail diamond business. They have come to you for guidance about whether this step would be a wise next step. It’s your job to get to know the market and make a sound recommendation for your client.

Preparing for a second round Bain interview? While we recommend using the Market Study framework for this case, don’t stop there. Blend it with your unique business experience to create a framework that will solve this specific problem.

There are three diagrams/math exhibits in this sample case interview. The qualitative difficulty is 2 out of 4. It is an intermediate level case you would likely see in a Bain second round.

Bain Interview Tips

What does Bain look for in it’s interview candidates? In a word, practicality.

When building out your structure, make sure you think ahead to how you would walk out the solution you are proposing. How would you, as a Manager, assign it to a team of analysts.

In this sample case interview, focus on 2 things:

  1. Timing yourself as you present: 2min to build a structure, 2min to present it, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for a conclusion
  2. Focus on your communication and overall polish as you run through the case

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