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IBM Case Study Interview Intro

Your client is a service provider that maintains databases for directory publishers (telephone companies etc.). 

The company, which is wholly owned by a large corporation, is 40 years old and holds a 50% market share. 65% of its sales are to 10 customers (its customer base is highly concentrated). 

It recently lost a major customer that represented $4 million of its $45 million in annual sales. 

The parent company is wondering if the database company will be viable in the future.

How would you structure your approach to this problem?

Case Study Overview

In this IBM case study interview, you are being brought in to assess the future viability of one of their holdings who has recently lost a large customer. You will have to dig into the industry and market, familiarize yourself with any critical data and develop a sound approach to the problem.

The Market Study Framework will help you solve this case. We suggest using it and expanding to other basic frameworks as necessary to develop a structure specific to this case.

This IBM case study interview will help you prepare for a first round interview with a qualitative difficulty of 1 out of 4. The case has no math exhibits.

IBM Interview Tips

What is IBM GBS looking for in it’s candidates? The ability to see high-level structure and offer insights.

In the case, keep your eyes on the big picture.

As you walk through the case, focus on finding one key area you would improve for next time.

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