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Case Preview

Case Study Prompt

Your firm just discovered a breakthrough formula for common headaches. 

The product has passed the first round of in-company testing very successfully. We are highly confident that it will be provide the masses instant relief from almost all types of headaches. This is a unique discovery, and no existing product comes close to it in terms of effectiveness.

You are the CEO of this firm and your firm is a large MNC (multi national corporation).

What would you do now? 

BCG Case Study Overview

Your client has discovered a breakthrough product that could revolutionize their industry. In this BCG case study, you are being asked to examine the market to develop a solid plan for taking this new product to market.

This case study will help you prepare for your first round BCG interview. While you can use the Market Study Framework to solve this case, we always encourage candidates to build their own structure by blending the existing framework with their own business experience to develop a custom solution.

This case has no math exhibits. The qualitative difficulty is 2 out of 4.

BCG Interview Tips

BCG is looking for candidates that are structured and are able to clearly communicate that structure.

When going through the case, make sure that your structure is crystal-clear, and that you verbalize every part of your process. The focus is not on the actual answer, but on how you get to the solution.

To get the most out of this BCG case study:

  • Time yourself – Spend 2min to build a structure, 2min to present it, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for a recommendation.
  • Focus on finding one key area to improve for next time.

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