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IBM Case Study Interview Intro

You are the newest member on the management committee of a well-known top-tier strategy management consulting firm.

Eager to be accepted by your more senior peers, you volunteer to study the industry and propose a firm strategy for the next decade, which you will present to the committee at its next meeting. As you leave the meeting you begin to realize the enormous task to which you’ve committed yourself.

How do you evaluate the consulting environment?

Case Study Overview

In this IBM case study interview, your task is to create a 10-year plan for the consulting firm. Your job is to dive deep into the industry, gather any critical data, and present your findings to the committee.

The Market Study Framework is well-suited for this case. Use it and implement parts of the other basic frameworks as necessary to fill out the rest of your structure.

This IBM case will set you up for a 2nd round interview. The case has no math exhibits.

IBM Interview Tips

What does IBM GBS look for in its future consultants? High-level structure and insight.

In the case, make those 2 tenets a key focus for you.

Focus on timing yourself as you walk through this IBM case study interview: 2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion.

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