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Your client, a concrete manufacturer is considering acquiring a small, local firm. What factors should be considered?

Accenture Case Study Overview

The client is a concrete manufacturer looking at making an acquisition. The company has hired you to help determine if the investment is a smart move. Your task in the Accenture case study is to do the research necessary in order to give the client a strong yes/no recommendation.

Remember to pay attention to the type of buyer in M&A cases (corporate or financial). They each have different goals.

Use the M&A Framework to help structure your approach to the problem presented in the case, pulling on the other basic frameworks as necessary to strengthen your structure.

With a qualitative difficulty level of 2 (out of 4), this Accenture case study will set your up for success in your first round at Accenture. The case does not have any math exhibits.

Interview Tips: Accenture

Structured answers are the way to go to impress in your Accenture interview.

Time yourself as you walk through the case, making sure to allow enough time to create a sound structure: 2min to create the structure, 2min to present it, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for recommendation.

Book an hour with an ex-MBB coach if you need assistance in your Accenture interview prep.

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