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Case Preview

Start your case study practice now with this company case study in the Booz Allen Hamilton style.

Case Intro 

Your client is a large, global diversified company. Some of their businesses include consumer products, steel refining, and financial services. Currently they are organized in a matrix fashion, with operating units reporting to both business line heads and country managers.

However, the operating units have developed considerable autonomy and as a result, the company is operating as 200 independent companies. You’ve been brought in to remedy the situation.

Describe the framework you would use to resolve this issue.

Company Case Study Overview

In this company case study, you’ve been tasked to help assess potential synergies in a global diversified company. Your job is to ask the right questions that will give you the critical data you need to solve the case.

Don’t get stuck on a specific framework for this case. Use your knowledge of the basic frameworks to build a custom structure tailored to the problem.

The case contains a few charts to interpret. With a qualitative difficulty of 3 out of 4, you will set yourself up for a first round BAH interview with this case.

Interview Tips: Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton is most impressed with advanced presentation and interpersonal skills in its case interview candidates.

Place your focus on clearly communicating your structure as you walk through the case.

In the case, seek to find 1-2 areas of improvement.

For out-loud case practice, book some time with one of our expert case coaches.

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