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Case Study Prompt

Our client is a major U.S. cell phone service provider with $45 billion in revenues. They have recently been buying companies to expand their network and have been notified of a potential window to acquire MexTell, a French Cellular network.

They’ve determined the deal will be worth the trouble likely to come from activist investors if MexTell is worth more than $6 billion.

Should they acquire?

Case Study Overview

The client in this Kearney case study is a major cellular service provider looking to expand via acquisition. The company has an opportunity to acquire a French network. It’s your job to help determine if the deal is a good one or not.

The M&A Case Framework is a helpful starting place when thinking about a structure for this business problem. Don’t stop there – combine your business experience with your creativity to build a custom solution for the case. Don’t forget to make a strong yes/no final recommendation!

There is 1 math exhibit in this case. This is first round-level Kearney case study.

Kearney Interview Tips

What does Kearney look for in its case interview candidates? A high degree of comfort with numbers and an ability to problem-solve like a boss.

Make sure your mental math is sharp, and you are comfortable with problem-solving.

For this case, make a point to come away with one takeaway or area you can improve.

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