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Your client, CommodityChem, is a global chemicals company manufacturing a commodity chemical Consulene in a number of locations worldwide.

Consulene is derived from crude oil. In the Consulene market, there are two market leaders who have a global market share of about 25% each. They have built their leadership position with advanced, patent-protected technology. For this simplified case, only the Asian market is relevant.

CommodityChem has long been present in Asian markets. Over the last 15 years, the company has built joint venture (JV) plants in Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. As of today, CommodityChem has five plants in Asia – two plants in China to serve the Chinese market and three plants in nearby countries, all of which serve the local markets as well as neighboring markets including China. All these plants are JVs in which CommodityChem has a majority stake per the table below.

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Roland Berger Case Study Overview

This is an advanced level Roland Berger case study, as you’ll see after a read-through of the case intro. The client is a global chemicals company seeking to advance its position in the Asian market. Your job is to gather the critical data needed to inform the company on the outlook for the future.

Using the Market Study Framework to structure your approach to the case is the recommended course of action. In addition, use your knowledge of the basic frameworks, your business acuity, and your creativity to build a custom framework to solve the case.

The case does contain several math diagrams to be interpreted. This tough case will set you up for a final round at Roland Berger, with a qualitative difficulty of 4 out of 4.

Interview Tips: Roland Berger

Roland Berger looks for candidates with a firm grasp of the technical details of cases.

In this Roland Berger case study, convey that you are efficient in working with the technical aspects (the nuts and bolts) of the case.

In addition, focus on your communication and polish (would the interviewer want to place you in a room with the CEO of a F500 company?)

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