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Looking for a case with case interview math? This BCG case will provide that – dig in to the prompt now!

BCG Case: Prompt

A commercial retailer has been approached by a new warehouse that wants their business.

You’ve been called in to help them decide: Should they take the deal?


In this case, the client – a commercial retailer – has hired your team of analysts to look at a potential deal involving a new vendor. The goal is for you to ultimately provide the client with a yes/no recommendation. Deal or no deal?

Incorporate the Profitability Framework into your structure for approaching the case, but don’t box yourself into that framework alone! Use what you know of the basic frameworks to create a new framework that is custom-built for the problem in this case.

This case has no math exhibits for you to interpret, but it does have difficult case interview math for you to work through. This is an excellent case to give you an idea of what to expect in a final round at BCG.

Interview Tips: BCG

What does BCG look for in its future hires? Structure, structure, structure.

And not only an ability to create clear structures for approaching problems, but the ability to articulate that structure with clarity.

Make that a key focus in this case.

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