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Looking for non-traditional consulting case studies? You’re in the right place with this Booz Allen Hamilton case. Get started now.

Consulting Case Studies Prompt

Barack Obama has just fired Michelle Obama as Chief of Health Reforms and has appointed you to fill the position. While in his office, you discover that kidney dialysis is a major portion of public health care expenditures.

What analytical techniques can you use to determine if this cost can be reduced? What framework would you use?

Case Study Overview

This is a non-traditional Booz Allen Hamilton case study. In this health care case study, you’ve just been appointed as the Chief of Health Reforms for the President of the United States. Your job is to use your analytical skills to find out how to cut costs.

What case framework will you use? This case may be difficult to fit into one of the traditional frameworks. Remember that the best casers don’t get stuck on the basic structures, but instead, blend frameworks and their own business acumen to build a custom framework for the case problem.

There are no math exhibits in this case. This a beginner level case you could expect to see in a first round at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Booz Allen Hamilton Interview Tips

What does Booz Allen Hamilton look for in its consulting candidates? Fine-tuned interpersonal and presentation skills.

Make sure to emphasize those as you work your way through the case.

To make the most of your case practice, time yourself throughout the case. Aim to spend 4 minutes to create and present your structure, 5 minutes for math, 2 minutes for brainstorming, and 2 minutes for a conclusion.

There are many more consulting case studies in the Case Library. We recommend practicing multiple types in preparation for your interviews.

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