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Case Study Prompt

You are consulting for the number-one producer of cement in Portugal.  This company currently has 45% of the market. The client feels it could have more but is running at 100% capacity of their one plant, located near Lisbon, in Southern Portugal.  

The CEO has asked you to help her decide if they should build another plant or expand the current plant.

How would you decide if they should build another plant or expand the current plant?

Case Study Overview

In this PwC case interview, your client needs your help to make an important decision. They would like to grow their market share, but have reached capacity in their one plant. They are considering two courses of action – purchasing another plant or expanding and have come to you to give them guidance. It’s your job to look at all the options, do the research and give your client the best solution to encourage growth.

Using the Market Study Framework to solve this case study is a good idea, but don’t stop there. The best candidates use their creativity and skills to develop a custom framework for the problem blending the existing framework with their own business acumen.

This a beginner level case study with a qualitative difficulty score of 2 out of 4. The case contains no math exhibits, and is one you would likely see in a first round PwC interview.

PwC Interview Tips

PwC is looking for problem-solving candidates who also have a laser like ability to find key issues for the problem at hand.

Make sure the structure you create addresses the question(s) asked of you in the interview.

To get the most out of this PwC case interview, make it a point to find one or two opportunities for growth and time yourself as you present (2min for structure, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion)

For out-loud practice with an expert, book a 1-hour session with an ex-MBB coach.

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