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Case Study Prompt

A casket company is considering buying another company. The acquirer is the market leader, while the target has 10% of the market.

What factors would you consider in assessing how much they should pay for the acquisition?

Case Study Overview

This LEK case study involves a casket company that is considering acquiring another company. Your job in the case is to identify the value of the potential acquisition – how much should your client be willing to pay?

You can use the M&A Framework to help solve the case. Don’t solely rely on the basic case frameworks – the best case interview candidates build custom structures tailored to the specific features of each case. This LEK case study is no different.

Remember that in M&A cases, the type of buyer – corporate or financial – will dictate how you should approach the problem.

This is a round 1 case, with no math exhibits.

LEK Interview Pointers

Want to crush your round 1 interview with LEK and move on to the second round? Showcase your strategic thinking ability.

It isn’t just about solving the problem, it’s about having a well-defined strategy you can clearly communicate.

In this LEK case study, pinpoint 1 area where you have room for growth. Make that a key focus in your future case practice.

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