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An Israeli travel agent has been extremely successful. His primary source of revenue is customers who fly to and from the US. 

He manages to fill up over two planeloads on a daily basis. Given his success, he is considering buying an aircraft and flying the US-Tel Aviv route himself. He’s asking for your advice.

How would you structure your approach to the problem?

Case Overview

In this company case study, your client is an Israeli travel agent who is considering taking to the friendly skies himself. He has asked you to look at the market and help him determine if this is a sound idea. It’s your job to gather the data necessary to give the client an informed recommendation about his next steps.

We recommend using the Market Study Framework to solve the case. However, it’s a good idea not to stop there. Blend the existing framework with your own business acumen to create the custom framework that this company case study calls for.

With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this is a business case you will most likely see in a Booz Allen first round. There are no math diagrams in the case.

Interview Tips: Booz Allen Hamilton

What does Booz Allen look for in their candidates? Excellent presentation and communication skills.

As you present the case, focus on communicating your thoughts and structure very clearly.

To make the most of this company case study, try to find 1 key takeaway or area you can improve upon.

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