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You’ve been hired by a fertilizer manufacturer to help them out of a difficult situation. Their market share and profits are in a decline, and they can’t figure out what is happening.

How would you structure your approach to this problem?

Case Study Overview

In this Strategy& case study, the client is a fertilizer manufacturer with declining market share and profitability. Your job is to dig into the profitability to determine the root of the decline and give the client a recommendation on how to remedy the alarming issue.

The Profitability Framework is a great starting place for building a framework to solve the case problem. That said, the best case interview candidates blend frameworks in order to create a custom framework tailored to the unique features of each case.

The Strategy& case study doesn’t have any math diagrams. This is a beginner-level case interview you could expect to see in a Strategy& first round.

Interview Tips: Strategy&

Strategy& has a high value for creative approaches to problem solving in its case interview candidates.

Stretch yourself in working outside the basic case frameworks and finding out-of-the-box solutions to case problems.

One other thing to focus on in the Strategy& case study is to find 1 key takeaway or area of improvement.

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