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If you’re looking for a human capital case study by Deloitte, this case study is what you’re looking for. Work through the case now.

Case Prompt

Your client is the nation‘s largest distributor of electrical and communications products. The 150-year old company distributes more than 1.5 million SKUs made by multiple manufacturer/suppliers through 256 ranches and warehouses in the US. Given that they are the middle-men, margins in the distribution industry are very thin. F2D has been generally decentralized with a high degree of branch autonomy (branch and district managers are kings of their own domain).

Each branch has its own processes with considerable off-system accounting and record keeping on Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Given growth over the last decade, the home-grown mainframe computer system can no longer effectively handle the volume of transactions. In addition, the time required to reconcile and report sales, inventory, and financial information from the branches to corporate is hindering senior management‘s ability to make timely business decisions.

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Case Overview

In this human capital case study by Deloitte, the client is a large distribution company looking to implement a large-scale business transformation program. You’ve been hired to ensure the program implementation goes to plan.

Because of the nature of human capital cases, you will have to get creative with your structure. Pick and choose from the basic frameworks in order to create a custom structure most appropriate for the business situation in the case. Remember, cases are not meant to be forced into a singular framework.

If you are prepping for a first round Deloitte Human Capital interview, this case will help, with a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4. There are no math diagrams in the case.

Interview Tips: Deloitte Human Capital

What does Deloitte Human Capital value in its case interview candidates? The ability to combine business strategy with HR skills.

In this case study, make sure your structure is MECE, and that you convey an aspect of comfortability with the human relations part of the case.

In this case, focus on the verbal communication of your structure. You can never communicate too much in a case, especially in the virtual interview environment.

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