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This business case interview will stretch your casing abilities. Jump into the case now!

Case Interview Prompt

Your client is a clothing retailer similar to the Gap or Abercrombie & Fitch. They have expanded their number of store locations and achieved significant sales growth.

As a result, they are considering an IPO, however, recently the company had moved from profits to losses.

Why has the company recently moved from profits to losses? What needs to be done to become profitable again?

Overview of the Case

In this business case interview, the client has hired you to address a major profitability issue. Recently, the company has moved from profits to losses. Your job is to dig into the profit numbers and determine the cause of the change, and what the company needs to do to become profitable again. The company is trusting your recommendation on this.

You can use the Profitability Framework to solve the problem, but don’t pigeonhole yourself into that framework alone. The best casers know what frameworks to use, how to blend them, and which frameworks NOT to use. Use your business acumen and knowledge of frameworks to build a custom structure for the case.

This is an intermediate to advanced level case you might find in a Bain second round interview. The case contains several math exhibits – get your diagram interpretation game on.

Interview Tips at Bain

One of the things Bain looks for in candidates is practicality. Could the interviewer see you on the job conversing with the CEO of a F500 corporation?

in this case, focus on the clarity of your communication, and your overall polish.

If you need out-loud case practice, book an hour with one of our ex-MBB coaches.

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