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Case Study Prompt

An auto spare-part retailer is facing slowing growth. They are looking to expand into distributing auto spare-parts to garages.

Their primary customers would be walk-in customers who look to fix their own cars.

The slowing growth has been in the area of walk-in customers.

It has been a gradual trend over the past 5 years.

Auto Co.’s target growth rate is a rate of >5%

Lay out a framework as to how you will solve this issue.

Case Study Overview

Your client is an auto spare-part retailer facing the dilemma of a slowing growth rate in the primary customer base it is trying to reach. In this case study practice session, your job is to propose a solution that would increase the rate of growth and hit the target.

Are you preparing for a first round Bain interview? Try blending the Market Study framework with your own unique spin and business experience to create a framework that will solve this specific problem.

There are no diagrams/math exhibits in this case. The qualitative difficulty is 3 out of 4. It is an intermediate level case you would likely see in a Bain first round.

Bain Interview Tips

Bain looks for practicality in its case interview candidates.

When building out your structure, think ahead to how you, as a Manager, would assign it to a team of analysts.

In this case, focus on 2 things:

  1. Timing yourself throughout the case: 2min to build a structure, 2min to present it, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for a conclusion
  2. Focus on your communication and out-loud structure as you run through the case

For out-loud practice with an expert, book an hour with an ex-MBB coach.

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