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Business case study examples will help you prepare for your upcoming interview(s) – jump into your case prep with this advanced-level BCG case!


Your client is an insurance company that sells home appliance insurance.

The client covers all appliances in the home for $400/year. Therefore, any problems with the washer, dryer, air conditioning, refrigerator, range, etc., all get complete repair or replacement.

They have hired you to help efficiently increase product sales.

What would you do to increase product sales?

Case Overview

In this BCG case, the client has brought you in to advise the firm on a strategy to increase product sales. The company sells home appliance insurance. Your job is to dig into the profitability and create a strategy you will then present to the client.

The Profitability Framework will be helpful in solving this case. However, don’t get stuck with the basic frameworks. You are allowed and encouraged to move outside of the basic frameworks and implement your own business acumen into the structure.

Overall, the case has a qualitative difficulty of 3 out of 4, making this an advanced-level case you could expect in a BCG final round.

Interview Tips: BCG

BCG is looking for 2 things in candidates: logical structure, and good communication.

Dig deep to build a structure that follows business principles.

To make the most out of your practice, focus on your overall communication and polish (you want to impress your interviewer in the final round!).

Remember, quality practice > quantity practice. For quality out-loud practice with an ex-MBB coach, book a session now.

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