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Case Preview

Looking for business case study examples for an upcoming case interview? Look no further – this Accenture case study is for you.

Case Study Prompt

Your client is a manufacturer of aluminum and he is experiencing decline in sales over the last several years. Over the past year he has been working on developing new technology in plastics. The client is slightly ahead of competition.

Should the client continue development of plastic or remain in the aluminum industry?

Overview of the Case

Your client – an aluminum manufacturer – needs your guidance to determine if the company should enter a new market. In this Accenture case study, your job is to gather the data, look at the data, and give your client a recommendation on what to do.

Our recommendation is to use the Market Study – Market Entry framework to solve this case. What we don’t recommend is forcing the problem to fit into 1 single framework. Rockstar candidates put themselves ahead of the pack by creating a custom framework through a mix of framework blending and industry/business knowledge.

This case contains no math exhibits. You would expect to see this case in a first round at Accenture.

Accenture Case Tips

Structured answers are the way to impress your Accenture interviewer and give yourself the best shot at making it to the next round.

Pro tip: time yourself as you go through the case. Push yourself to hit the recommended time spent on each section. The best candidates toe the line between not taking too much time, but also taking enough time to craft a well-thought out answer.

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