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Looking for a case with case interview math? Start with this brainteaser case.

Case Study Prompt

You are a contestant on a game show.

There are 3 doors: A, B, and C. Behind one of them, there is a car.

Your job is to determine which door is the most likely to be hiding the car.

First, you pick 1 door. For example, you pick door A. 

Then the game host will open one of the other 2 doors that does not have car, for example, door B. Now you have a choice to change your mind, to pick door C. Or you can stick to your first choice of door A.

Would you change your choice?

Case Study Overview

In this non-traditional BCG case interview math example, you are the one in the hot seat. You are being asked to play to win for a new car to test your analytical skills. Can you beat the system and walk away with a new car? These Brainteasers give you a chance to show your quant skills in a first round BCG interview.

The qualitative difficulty is 1 out of 4.

BCG Interview Tips

What is BCG looking for? Structured candidates who have excellent communication skills. Make sure you articulate how you arrived at your solution.

When going through the question, make sure that you verbalize your process.

At the end of the case, identify one takeaway or area you can improve.

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