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In this case, a provider of broadband Internet-enabled PC labs for use in schools in the US is looking to enter the UK market. The company has developed a somewhat innovative business model, whereby secondary schools are provided with up to 15 PCs linked to the Internet via broadband.  

The PCs come fitted with e-learning software, which is structured and indexed by subject matter and level of education – e.g., GCSEs, Advanced Level, etc. The main source of revenue relates to advertising revenues generated through the display of banner ads on the screen. These ads are displayed when the PCs are in use during the school day.  

Advertisers in the US include McDonald’s and the US Army. The company has developed long-term leasing arrangements with the main hardware suppliers (e.g., Dell, HP, etc.) and is therefore able to offer the PC lab at no or a very minimal cost to schools.

How would you advise the client to think about entering the UK market?

EY-Parthenon Case Study Overview

In this EY-Parthenon business case interview prep case, you are being asked to help your client break into a market in a new country with all the changes and challenges that will entail. Your client provides PC labs for schools and would like to expand to the UK. It will be your job to get to research the UK market and their existing operations and develop a strategy for growth.

We recommend using the Market Study Framework to work on this business case interview, but don’t limit yourself to the framework. Use your knowledge and experience with the framework to create a structure that will solve this specific problem.

There are no math exhibits in this case. This is an intermediate business case interview you might be given in a second round EY-Parthenon interview. The case has a qualitative difficulty score of 2 out of 4.

EY-Parthenon Interview Tips

What does EY-Parthenon look for in its candidates? Well rounded employees who are flexible and adjust easily.

It’s important to show you are comfortable working with a variety of clients on many different kinds of cases.

As you go through the case, make sure you verbalize your structure and recommendation clearly!

To make the most out of this case study, pay attention to:

  • Coming away with 1 key takeaway or area you can improve
  • Timing yourself throughout the case (2min for structure, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion)
  • Work on your overall communication and presentation

Book an hour of out-loud practice with an ex-MBB coach.

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