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Case Study Prompt

Our client is a major diversified financial services firm. They have 4 lines of business:  

  • Checking Accounts 
  • Savings Accounts 
  • Loans 
  • Mortgages  

The bank is profitable, but the CEO is on a mission to increase overall market share while still maintaining profitability.  He is considering increasing his sales force to accomplish this.   

There are 3 different categories of sales force he can choose to change:  

  • Branch Managers 
  • Telemarketers 
  • Mortgage Agents 

The CEO has come to us for advice on whether or not he should increase his sales staff, and if so, where he should be adding heads.  

How would you go about addressing this question? 

Case Study Overview

Your client is a financial services firm with multiple lines of business who is eager to grow their market share. The CEO has a plan but he’s asking you for guidance. In this Accenture interview case study, it’s your job to dive into the market and determine a recommended course of action. Who or where would you go first for the information you need?

There is one math question in this case. The qualitative difficulty is 3 out of 4, which makes this an advanced level case interview you would likely see in a Accenture final round interview.

Accenture Interview Tips

Accenture looks for candidates who possess a deep understanding of technology strategy and have a structured problem-solving process.

If you need help with structure, our structure drills are a great way to shore up your quant skills.

Focus on these things to get the most from this case:

  • Find 1 key takeaway or area you can improve on for next time.
  • Time yourself – (2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion)
  • Work on your communication skills and polish as you practice.

For out-loud practice with an expert, book an hour with an ex-MBB coach.

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