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Case Study Prompt

Your client is Best Boots, an American footwear company with around $1 billion in revenue. The majority of their volume comes from selling boots to various segments. The market is mostly comprised of Best Boots and three other competitors.

There are different types of boots being sold in the market – work and casual are the most common. There are other specialty categories like field, hunting, and winter. Best Boots currently plays across all five segments.

A few years ago, one of Best Boots’ competitors, Comfy Shoes, launched a line of very aggressively priced work boots specifically targeting the blue collar segment. The success of Comfy Shoes’ new product has caused Best Boots’ management to consider their position in work boots (i.e., Best Boots’ work boots segment has underperformed).

Given limited resources, management must decide whether to focus on competing with Comfy Shoes or focus their resources on the casual boot segment.

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