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Case Study Prompt

Your client is a large agricultural equipment manufacturer. Their primary product line, farming tractors, is losing money.

They are looking for help to solve their profitability issues.

Case Study Overview

Your client is looking at a profitability issue in their main product line. In this Deloitte case study, it’s your job to look into the profitability, find the cause, and provide a recommendation for the client.

If you are preparing for a first round interview at Deloitte, you can use the Profitability Framework to solve this case study. That said, it is best to build a custom framework for the case by combining frameworks and your prior business know-how.

This case has no math diagrams. The qualitative difficulty is 2 out of 4, making this a beginner to intermediate level interview you can expect to see in a Deloitte first round.

Deloitte Interview Tips

What does Deloitte look for in its case interview candidates? Deloitte is less concerned with your math proficiency, and more interested in your upfront case structure and how well you would fit into their culture.

Make sure you are able to effectively create and clearly communicate your structure to an interviewer. In addition, don’t underestimate the importance of the fit portion of your interview!

In this case, focus on timing yourself as you go through the case: 4min to build and present your structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for final recommendation.

For out-loud practice with an expert, book an hour with an ex-MBB coach.

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