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Your client, ABC Consultants, is an electrical/mechanical EPC firm. It has a turnover of ~$50M USD and has ~250 employees, mostly from an engineering background.

Recently, the company faced an employee burnout issue which caused one employee to influence a team of 20 employees against the CEO. The employees stopped working for a week and decided to not cooperate with the senior management. Despite the corporate team’s intervention, there was no change. All ongoing work was affected and client inquiries were unserved for that week.

HR now has turned to you to seek your advice as to how to respond to this crisis and lead it to its closure. The Director of HR has hired your team to make recommendations to that end.

You have a meeting with the Director to explain how you would approach the problem. What would you bring to the discussion?

Case Overview

This case involves an HR nightmare where several employees have essentially gone on strike against management. Your team has been brought in to bring an end to the crisis.

The framework you create will be critical to solve the crisis. Incorporate your business acumen and blend frameworks to create a custom solution for the case problem.

This case involves several math exhibits to interpret. The case ranks high in the qualitive difficulty but is a case you might get in an EY first or final round interview.

EY Interview Tips

What does Ernst & Young look for in its case interview candidates? Flexibility.

The firm is looking for talent that is able to adjust on the fly to changing circumstances, as well as work on a variety of different projects.

In this case, focus on coming away with 1 key takeaway / area to improve.

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