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Intro to Consulting: Podcast Series

There’s a lot that goes into consulting – or more specifically, management consulting. Lingo, firm names, case interviews, different types of consulting – you name it. In this intro to consulting podcast series, we aim to provide a gentle introduction…

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Consulting vs Coaching with Shane Arthur (Podcast)

A common question we receive is – What’s the difference between consulting and coaching? On the podcast to answer the question is executive coach Shane Arthur to talk through the differences (and why they matter for your career), plus: Shane’s…

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Inside BCG’s New Raleigh-Durham Office (Podcast)

We brought BCG Managing Director/Partner Paul Poduri onto the podcast to share about the firm’s latest addition to its office portfolio – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. The discussion covers: Why Raleigh-Durham – and why now? BCG’s approach to selecting new office…

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