3 Month Mastery of Consulting – Video Overview

You’ve just made it through the most insane interview process in your life, beat the overwhelming odds stacked against you, and have received an offer from your desired consulting firm. Congrats! That is an impressive accomplishment.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Now what?” If so, you’re in the right state of mind. As a new consultant, you have some hard work ahead of you if you want to succeed on the job. Your actions during the critical proving period – the first 3 months – will dictate the rest of your path in consulting.

In the videos that follow, we share advice on how to set yourself up for success on the new job. Starting at the beginning, we give insight on how to decide between which consulting firm offer to choose and how to navigate the choice of office within that firm. We then proceed to share insider secrets on how to behave during your sell weekend, 6 prep-steps to take before your first day of work, and 3 damaging stereotypes to avoid on the job.

Ready to start? If so, buckle your seat belts and press the play!

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The Course of a Consulting Career

Sell Weekends

Preparing for the New Job

That concludes our brief overview of 3 Month Mastery. Once again, congratulations on receiving your offer!

If you are serious about becoming a top performer and accelerating your career in consulting, we’d highly recommend you work your way through the rest of 3 Month Mastery. In there you’ll find:

  • 8 traits of every top consultant
  • 18 things to take care of before your first day
  • 8 keys to setting the standard in orientation
  • 6 practical ways to demonstrate that you’re a proactive communicator
  • prep steps you can take to master the early days
  • 11 key mistakes you don’t want to make as a new consultant
  • 7 recommended reads for MBB specifically
  • …and more!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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