What if your resume gets rejected by every consulting firm? Then will you make the necessary changes?

We’ve seen how the recruiting process works on the inside and outside, and exactly how resumes are chosen for interviews.

We’ve edited – not reviewed, but actually edited – resumes for thousands of consulting job seekers – many of whom afterwards received not only interviews, but offers from the best consulting companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Accenture, Mercer, and many more.

You probably have the following concerns about your resume/CV and cover letter…

On the resume/CV:

  • Is my GPA too low? Should I include it even if I’m many years out of college?
  • Should I include my SAT score, even if I’m in business school?
  • I don’t have any work experience. How can I show that I’m ready for consulting?
  • Will 10 years of work experience in IT/engineering/medicine/non-consulting fields hurt my chances?
  • I didn’t have many leadership positions. How can I tailor my resume to demonstrate leadership?
  • I’ve heard that you can’t have more than one page, yet I have too many experiences to include. What should I do?
  • Are there specific keywords I should add to get noticed by automated scanners?

On the cover letter:

  • I hear that many consulting firms don’t read cover letters. How good does my cover letter need to be?
  • Can a cover letter be longer than one page?
  • Should I put my contact information in the body or just at top? Or do I place it below my signature?
  • I’ve met consultants at information sessions. Can I name-drop in the letter?
  • Am I supposed to discuss personal experiences in the cover letter, or just explain why I want to work at XYZ consulting firm?

And finally:

  • A recruiter told me both documents need to be more “results-oriented.” How can I accomplish that?
  • On the website, it says I can submit “supplemental information and documents.” What can I send them?
  • I feel like my application doesn’t stand out, and I can only submit it through the company website. How can I change my application to make sure that when a recruiter reviews it, they remember me?
I couldn’t have landed a McKinsey interview without your help!
Certainly, without the input and refining of my resume by Management Consulted, my resume wouldn’t have generated any interest, much less an interview. With your help, my resume became much more concise with results and numbers in the right places.  I applied to McKinseylast year…so that sums up the contributions of your editing services!-Edward, Biology PhD in Newcastle, UK, who landed an interview with McKinsey

Here’s our offer to help you solve those questions and get interviews!

A resume and cover letter editing service that will impress recruiters and excite consultants. After editing your resume, it will…

  • Be a world-class resume with an underlying structure that you can use for the rest of your career
  • Highlight your strengths and scream traits that consultants look for
  • Hide specific weaknesses that cause recruiters to trash your application
  • Include specific keywords and phrases that will red-flag your resume – in a good way
  • Turn common work and extracurricular experiences into project-based, results-oriented accomplishments that make you look like a consultant already
My friends look at my resume and have been trying to model theirs after mine.
I cannot speak more highly of the resume service provided by Management Consulted. The advice I was given was in depth and in addition to making revisions for me, the team took the time to make sure I understood the strengths and weaknesses of my resume as I head into the recruiting process. I’ve shown my resume to contacts at various consulting firms, including McKinsey and Monitor, as well as friends in business school and have gotten nothing but positive feedback. The best part of using this service was that I could submit my resume to recruiters and contacts with full confidence that my resume has a strong chance of getting selected for an interview. My friends look at my resume and have been trying to model theirs after mine. I am extremely happy with the feedback I have received and recommend this service without reservation. I wish I had received the feedback sooner.-Vikram, Teach for America fellow interested in strategy consulting

Here’s what you get with our editing service:

  1. After making your purchase, you’ll receive 2 templates (upgraded to 24 if you purchase the Starter Editing package with the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible included). Use the templates to get started creating one complete resume or cover letter that has the style to stand out.  Add your comments to us inside the document.
  2. We conduct a first round of edits to correct structural problems (both style and content) and get you 80% of the way there.  We leave you extensive comments and placeholders where you need to add or adjust information.
  3. After this, you’ll have a lot of homework to add additional information to your story.
  4. For our second edit, we’ll use a scalpel to do a final word-by-word edit looking in detail at each experience and activity, perfecting punctuation and finalizing your documents.
  5. By now, your resume should be 99% of what we want it to be. But we’ll continue providing unlimited advice via email for 14 days when you have additional questions.


Here are a few “Before” and “After” resumes (scrubbed of personally identifying information).

Experienced resume before and after:


A university resume from good to great:


Another from bad to great:


We have examples of even more dramatic changes – resumes that are multiple pages long, completely unfocused, poorly worded – this is an example of what can be done even if you think your resume is already strong.

Here’s a “Before” and “After” cover letter:


The resume helped land me 4 interviews!
I’m happy to write you a testimonial. It’s not what I’d usually do but after spending several hours over the course of a week working with you on my CV, it was the least I could do. Not only did you cut [my CV] from 3 pages to a page, I don’t feel like too much was left out. I was surprisingly comfortable with the result, and think it…focused attention on important parts. In addition, you rewrote a surprising amount of stuff. I feel like it reads well, and I’ve been showing it around to people in my department. After submitting it to more than 15 firms through [graduate] recruiting, I got 4 interview offers coming up in the next week-Justine, PhD student who broke into consulting

Aren’t there other resume editing services I can use?

Existing services don’t hit the mark. Here are some of the problems I see:

  • Generic resume services don’t know how consulting firms think. Consultants look for specific keywords, phrases, and types of experiences. Generic editors are clueless.
  • They charge incredibly high prices for cookie-cutter work, or charge low prices and give a crap product.
  • They provide vague and generic feedback — if any at all. “Make your resume less text-heavy” or “Be more detailed in your work experiences.”
  • There’s no opportunity for subsequent revisions. What happens when you have additional insight after their first edit? You have to pay the same price to start over.

Ok, so how much does all this cost?

The total cost for a brand-new resume is $250. For a cover letter or leadership essay, it’s $150.

If you want total support, the Consulting Job Hunt (our most popular package) includes a resume edit, cover letter edit, The MC Book Bundle (a $195 value with 6 books) and a 1-hour resume review or interview prep session – all for $475.

You’ll get a further discount if you’re interested in consulting interview preparation as well – it’s only $1975 for Black Belt Deluxe.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Click the link below to learn more. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

More frequently asked questions:

My resume is due in 3 days. Can you accommodate my schedule?

Our standard total turnaround is 8-10 days (to complete our 1st editing round, your feedback and our final edit).

We can accommodate a shorter turnaround if needed. Expedited 48-hour turnaround, even over the weekend, costs an extra $100.  The extra fee is only charged once, even if you order both the resume and cover letter services.

I’d like your help on my resume, cover letter and the interviews. Can I get a discount?

Of course.

If you’re interested in resume and cover letter editing + interview prep, we have 2 discounted options:

  • Consulting Job Hunt – Resume/Cover Letter editing + 1 Hour of Interview Prep (includes a free copy of the MC Book Bundle); $475
  • Black Belt Deluxe – Resume/Cover Letter editing + 10 Hours of Interview Prep (includes a free copy of the MC Book Bundle); $1975.

To keep things fair for all clients, no discounts for orders placed separately.

Can I get a refund on the interview service if I cancel it after making a bulk order for multiple services?

Interview services are non-refundable, but they also never expire.

I think my resume is pretty good. How can you help?

Even if you’ve spent months perfecting your resume and asked 20 of your friends to review it, there is always something that can be improved. Unless you’ve worked at a leading management consulting firm for several years and seen from the inside how consultants and recruiters read and review resumes, you simply won’t know the secrets of crafting a resume that will blow your competition away.

If you really don’t want the editing service but just want a live review of the resume for its strengths and weaknesses, select the Power Half Hour option from our Plans and Pricing page.  We’ll spend 30-minutes going over your resume and talking about how and where you should apply that will best suit your background and aspirations.

What if I’m an international student, or applying to offices overseas?

Firms standardize their recruiting methods, so our advice and critique for your resume/CV will apply regardless of whether you’re applying to Boston, Massachusetts or Barcelona, Spain.

The editing process is similar regardless of the country, but we will appropriately tailor your documents to the region where you are applying.

I have 15 years of work experience and now want to transition into consulting. Can you still help me?

We find that these clients often need the most help – whether that’s in recognizing what consulting firms look for in resumes, or knowing how to highlight only what’s important after many years of work experience.

Do you offer discounts if I purchase your services separately? For instance, if I pay full price for resume editing now, can I get the package discount if I choose to purchase the interview later?

You have 30 days to upgrade to a package from an individual service – so you can start with resume editing and upgrade to Consulting Job Hunt or Black Belt Deluxe, as long as you complete the upgrade within 30 days.

To upgrade, just purchase the new package and send us an email – within 48 hours will refund your initial purchase.

How many rounds of edits will you do?  Is everything done over e-mail?

We do 2 rounds of edits for your resume and/or cover letter over e-mail. You can ask as many questions as you like within a 14-day period, starting from the day you send in your documents. After that, we will be happy to address specific questions on an as-available basis.

To talk to us throughout the edits, select our Consulting Job Hunt package. Use the hour on the phone with us to make sure we’re on the same page, talk through your specific opportunities, and develop a networking plan around your core competencies. We LOVE this option, and our very happiest clients select it, but in the interest of keeping our prices low we don’t make it mandatory to include a review over the phone.

I’m looking at a lot of different options for services.  Why should I choose this one?

We’re glad you asked.

First – do any other services have ex-M/B/B management consultants reviewing the resume, and if so, do they have years of experience working with hundreds of super-satisfied clients?  We didn’t think so.

Second – do they offer editing, or just a review? If they offer editing, how extensive is it? In our editing services, we rip apart the documents and rebuild them from scratch.  It takes hours. We’re not cheap, but we’re not here to mass-produce resumes – we want interview offers for the select clients we do work with, and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

Third – do they offer 2 rounds of editing, or just a slam-bam one-hit wonder with the hope they got it right? Our 2 rounds are a proven method to ensure that you’re thrilled – which is why we have so many client referrals, returning clients (some exiting M/B/B) and a non-existent complaint rate.

I’m a student and the prices seem a bit steep for me.  Do I have any other options?

We created the Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible just for you!

For just $95, you get access to 24 top templates and 73 packed pages of the advice we would otherwise give you personally for the services.  Of course, you’ll have to do the really heavy lifting, but we’ve given you a complete step-by-step guide to help you build a new resume and cover letter on your own – at a fraction of the price!

The second edit…was like taking a scalpel and cutting into the specifics of each and every line.
What I found most helpful about the resume editing was that it started out very broad and as we worked more and more on it, I was eased into correcting the smaller nit-picky things. For example, during the first edit, we nailed down things like formatting and general ideas that I wanted the resume to present. Things such as: more results-oriented bullet points, more numeric examples for these results, what to keep in, what to take out. After that, I was able to go into the details, adding metrics and finessing wording.  Like you said, the first edit was like taking an axe to the resume and separating chunks of information while the second edit was like taking a scalpel and cutting into the specifics of each and every line. That was what I found most helpful — because I never felt too overwhelmed with information on what I have to fix.-Victoria, University student who received multiple consulting job offers
Nothing at the school was as valuable as the info on your site.
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ve been a huge fan of your site for a few years now. I went to Chicago Booth, which is known for its strong career services office, and nothing at the school was as valuable as the info on your site… Even though I’m in marketing, your advice is so pertinent to a variety of industries.  I look forward to your assessment of my resume. Thanks again.-Giulia, Chicago Booth alum

Fast track your job search process and break into management consulting today!